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Committee Involvement

Do you want to make a difference in NCBMP? Do you want to play an active role in its success. Come be a part of the process. NCBMP enables members to play a key role in the association’s development and decision-making process. We encourage you to meet new people, make connections and get involved. Each committee is assigned a mission and set of responsibilities associated within a particular area of the association. All committees are called upon by the governing board to evaluate and make recommendations regarding matters of NCBMP.

Committee Member applications are accepted September-November each year. The application can be found here.

The committee listings and their assigned duties are listed below. Learn more about NCBMP

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Awards Committee (Ad Hoc)

Chair: Kevin Johnson

To solicit recommendations for NCBMP awards: to review and qualify nominations for awards; to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for qualified awardees to receive the NCBMP Meeting Planner of the Year Award, Charles Wright Supplier of the Year Award, NCBMP Corporate Award, and the NCBMP Pioneer Award.

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Dzidra Junior

In conjunction with the National Office, develop and review the Annual Budget of NCBMP and perform such other duties in connection with the finances of NBCMP as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time. The committee shall review periodically (at least quarterly) the balance sheet and income and expenses statements provided by the accountant.

Bylaws and Recommendations Committee

Chair: Richard Snow

To receive, review and recommend to the Board of Directors all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. The Committee shall also recommend editorial and other changes for the Bylaws to the Board of Directors as necessary. To review, evaluate, and make comments or further recommendations regarding written proposals and concerns of the Membership. The committee will eliminate any duplication and consolidate similar proposals when feasible.

Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Sheila Neal

In conjunction with the National Office, to develop programs for the spring and fall conferences; to select conference themes; to work with the Marketing Committee to develop a marketing campaign for the promotion of conferences and educational programs.

Educational Assistance Committee (Scholarship Fund)

Chair: Michael Munn
Board Laison: Jason Dunn

To maintain accountability for all funds for the Scholarship Program; to recommend to the Board of Directors all disbursements of the funds; to prepare a budget and recommendations for annual operational control of the funds; to solicit candidates for scholarship funds and establish the selection process to be used for candidates; to establish criteria and guidelines for scholarships, grants, and loans, and to provide annual follow-up on all students who receive funds form NCBMP.

Fundraising Committee

Chairs: Ana Aponte-Curtis

To identify and recommend fundraising activities; to identify and recommend resources that can provide funds for NCBMP; to review and make recommendations for the revision of the NCBMP Sponsorship Brochure.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Chair: Stephanie Marshall

To prepare and ensure distribution of press releases and press advisories as approved by the Board of Directors; to assist with the arrangement of press conferences; to develop and initiate a marketing campaign for membership recruitment and retention in conjunction with the Membership Committee; to develop and initiate a marketing campaign for conferences and other special NCBMP programs in conjunction with the Conference Committee; to solicit positive newsworthy articles and prepare a quarterly newsletter.

Membership Committee

Chair: Charles Jeffers

To review the design of the Application for Membership and recommend changes; to review the membership profile at periodic intervals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding recruitment, retention, and reclamation strategies; to review periodically the categories of membership and make recommendations to the Board for changes in membership categories; to review complaints lodged against members for cause; and to review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on ethical considerations related to the code of professional conduct. To work with the Marketing Committee to develop effective member recruitment and member retention campaigns.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Courtney Eison

To solicit from all financial meeting planners and suppliers, applications for membership on the Board of Directors; to review these applications, and interview by telephone or in person those applicants who have met the minimum qualifications. The Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors individuals to serve on the Board of NCBMP.